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第一篇:My day I got up early in the morning.I felt really fine today.I washed my hands and had breakfast.And then I started to do my homework,it was really difficult,but I finished it.I played basketball in the afternoon,and in the evening, I went to see a

1. Last summer I went to Weihai with my family. First we went to Dalian by train. From Dalian we took a ship. It took about six hours to go from Dalian to Weihai by ship. When we got to Weihai we took a taxi to our hotel. The next day we went to the

1我的书包My Backpack I have a backpack. It is large and it is blue. It is a birthday gift from my parents. I love it very much. It is very "hard-working", because I keep all my school things in it. It is very heavy. It is with all the time during school days.

Radio and TV are My Good Friendsthanks to the Radio and TV .our lives are becoming more and more interesting.there are many programs in TV and the radio.we can get many information.we can known many important things that happened in

Monday,May 1st,2006 Sunny This morning, my parents toke me to the park. We walked there. There are so many people wearing thet're new clothes. A group of children are playing games under the tree, they look very happy. Then we went boating. It's very cool and interesting.

It was a excellent summer holiday. Our family have a plan to have a trip on a beach. We chose HaiNan Sanya, a beautiful island in the south China. It is a real 3S place, you can enjoy the sea, sun and shine. The wind is warm, and trees are very

I have got two baby cats. they are very beautiful. One is yellow. the other is white. they are very lovely. the yellow cat is very naughty. He likes to play with people. He often runs here and there. His favourite game is playing with balls, ropes and stones.

Different people have different hobbies.For example,someone likes reading,someone likes swimming and someone likes collecting and so on.不同人有不同爱好.例如,有人喜欢读书,有人喜欢游泳,还有人喜欢收藏等等.I used to read books

Newspapers are our friends Our modern life can not leave newspaper more and more.Newspapers can help us know more about world .There are weather forecasts, new books introduction,advertisements and so on. Reading newspapers can help

一、My name is Tina.I am a ten-year-old girl.I am in the elementary school.I have long hair.And I have big eyes.I am of medium build and a little thin.I am quite and I like doing


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