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Team Awareness团队意识Team Chemistry团队融洽度Team Work团队合作

一般多用 team spirit 表示团队精神,英语比较少用团队意识 team awareness

Team Work Team work is very important in our work.It is quite often that one is not able to carry out a job by itself.He needs more people to comlete it together.We can say some importance jobs could not be done without teamwork.For example,in a

have the team spirit

Hidden in the valley's forest were five union regiments -- thousands of Carter's fellow soldiers. They had marched for thirty-six hours. Now they were resting. But at midnight they would climb that road up the rocky cliff. Their plan was to attack by

团队意识和纪律意识Team consciousness and discipline consciousness 团队意识和纪律意识Team consciousness and discipline consciousness

团队精神tuán duì jīn shén1. esprit de corps; team spirit如果您还有什么不满意的,请发消息给我,并附上问题的连接,谢谢

团队精神用英语怎么说 teamwork; team spirit without team spirit, everyone works according to his own plan and there is no efficiency at all.没有团队精神,每个人按照他自己的计划工作,一点效率都没有.



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