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ϡ శ ա ݡ ࡢ ڡ ࡢ 硢 ڡ ȡ ͭ ӡ ࡢ ۡ ʯ Ŀ 顢 ¶塢 Ƕ¥ ൨ ⡢ ⡢ ࡢ ҡ 顢 ϵ Ρ

ࡿǰ ch z ֮ ch z zh xn ch chng ൨ ch dn zhng xn ch xin ch lu lu ch do ch z ch w ch lng ಲ ch b shng zhn ch r ch sng z

ಲࡢࡢࡢೱƶ𡢳㡢౳ ءඹູ֡ࡢ塢֡ϡ硢 ີͷ෽ҡݡ򰡢ϡѡ׺ࡢ ༽췡ࡢѨ

ô 1. ౳ chbi [naked back] ⱳ;⼹;¶ 2. Chb [Chibi] ΪйŴij֮սַ,λںʡ 3. ಲ chb [bare backed] ͬ౳ 4. ಲ chb-shngzhn [go into battle stripped to the

ʲô ಲ ࡢ ƶ ೱ ֡ ඹ

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