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《nothing on you》整首歌的谐音?

beautiful girls all over the world比优特fao 高斯 奥 欧玩儿 泽 沃尔德 i could be chasing but my time would be wasted爱 扣的 比 拆死硬 巴特 买 太木 伍德 比 歪死忒的 they got nothing on you baby贼 高特 拿死鹰 昂 油 卑鄙 nothing on you

t wanna sound redundant我不想让你听起来觉得累赘but i was wondering if there was something that you wanna know (that you wanna know)但我疑惑 有没有你想知道的事情but never mind that we should let it go (we should let it go)但不要在意我们

Because Of You I will not make the same mistakes that you did .《艾薇呃那美可热塞么迷死得可死然特又低》_我将不会和你犯同样的错. I will not make myself cause so much misery.《艾薇呃那美买塞呃夫阔日搜妈奇迷塞尔瑞》_我不会让自己给

先回答lz的问题、要发n的音.接着送上发音~ nothing英音: ['nθi]美音:['nθ] on英音: [n]美音:[n] you英音: [ju:]美音:[ju]

If I told you I was perfect I'll be lyingIf there's something I'm not doing girl I'm tryingI'm know I'm no angelbut I'm not so badNo no noIf you see me at the party conversatinThat doesn't mean telephone numbers are exchangingI'm know I'm no angel,

nā sǐng āng yòu

Nothing on You原唱:金贤重 / Hanhae / Phantom所属专辑:TIMING歌词:Nothing on YouNothing on MeOh BabyOh Oh每次没有力量的时候 我也不知道的你 经常一起做的 经常很感


beautiful girls all over the world世界各地的漂亮女孩i could be chasing but my time would be wasted我可以去追 但我的时间就会被浪费they got nothing on you baby她们比起你一无所有babynothing on you baby比起你一无所有 babythey might say hi

nθi nju:,

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